Thursday, May 31, 2012

gundam Astraea typ F/F2 HG 1/144 (customized color scheme)

this is a customized color scheme of my gundam astraea type f/f2 HG 1/144, I hand-painted it (that time I was just a newbie so the painting is not that good) and here's a link of my slideshow on my youtube channel:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RX-78-1 PROTOTYPE GUNDAM (banpresto)

 hi guys, I just wanna share some photos of my RX-78-1 PROTOTYPE GUNDAM (banpresto); I've also create a slideshow video of this action figure, please check it out by clicking this youtube link, and thanks! :D

00 Qan[T] MG 1/100 (quantum burst mode)

I just want to share some photos of my 00 Qan[T] MG 1/100 in quantum burst mode and there's also a link of my slideshow video down below ^_^