Friday, August 5, 2016

RG 1/144 Strike Freedom Gundam

RG 1/144 Strike Freedom Gundam

hi guys! it's been awhile since I've uploaded photos of my gunpla, I'm so sorry if I didn't updated my blog for nearly 2 years, it is because that my personal life has become a bit complicated so I have less time now about my gunpla hobby but I've decided to not to talk about it because I dislike drama.

Long story short, I've finally found time again about my hobby and this time it is about the RG 1/144 Strike Freedom Gundam!!

just in case if you haven't watched yet my slideshow, here's a clip from my youtube channel:

please take note that you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them (just in case some of you don't still know about it)

man the combined beam rifles are really so heavy!! and it is really so difficult to balance this gunpla to make a good pose. how about if I'll try the old trick? which is applying a bit of super glue on the balljoint of the arms so they'll stay in place?

(it is not photoshopped, the wings are shinning because of the sunlight)

 now that's better! I can finally do the action poses that I have in my mind!

but unfortunately, it is still back heavy though.

uuh, posing Strike Freedom like this is kinda boring for me...

now that's like a gangster! haha

wait lightning why are you blocking the beam cannon on its abs? well as a model kit it won't fire beam in real life so that's why I do prefer to pose Strike Freedom like this.

the beam rifles can be also attached on its hips by moving the railguns to its back but since I'm posing a lot, putting them on and taking them off would be time consuming since I need to be extra careful, so I've decided just to put them only this time.

hmmm, I think I should twist a bit the torso to the right

now that's better! (well, at least for me)

well I didn't forget to use also the beam shield! haha


don't worry guys, I didn't forget to add some action poses together with the RG 1/144 Destiny Gundam!

My opinion about RG 1/144 Strike Freedom gundam:
Firs of all, if you're going to buy this gunpla, you might want to buy also a metallic gold spray paint for the inner frame and other parts which must be in gold because the color gold of the plastic is not looking good in my opinion. Only the inner frame of the wings are already in gold chrome.

(the spray paint that I've used to paint the inner frame of RG Strike Freedom Gundam)

(RG strike freedom's inner frame painted by using tamiya's metallic gold spray paint)

(strike freedom's inner frame still attached in the runners)

About the "wings of the skies" expansion set (p bandai), I didn't buy it because its price is more expensive than the kit itself.


Well, about the inner frame, it is the same as the RG Freedom/Justice/Destiny, so this means that the posability of the gunpla is nearly the same as those 3 that I've mentioned. 

(All the RG 1/144 gundams that I have so far from gundam seed, I do have also the RG skygrasper but I didn't included it since for me it counts as accessories for RG strike gundam)

This one is really very back heavy so it is very difficult to pose because the body tends to lean backwards and the combined beam rifles are also very heavy for its arms, another thing that I don't like about this gunpla are the side skirt which can't be moved backwards so the only way to make a kneeling pose is to open the railguns. Another thing about the side skirt railguns is how they are connected: under the white part of the body, they are connected by a tiny peg so this means that they're very fragile and easy to break, indeed I've seen some people on facebook that they've broken those pegs so be extra cautious while posing strike freedom!

(all gundams of kira yamato in RG 1/144 form)
 I didn't apply the sticker decals because I do too many poses and they'll just come off.


The positive things for me about this gunpla are the wings! they're really very cool because you can extend/open more the wings and the wings' inner frame is in gold chrome! and also this time bandai provided the kit with a pair open dynamic hands and a pair of gripping hands for the beam rifles/sabers.


 And of course I also like the details of  the armor that has been made for this RG! (the PG version compared to it, looks like now just a big MG 1/100 but that's just my personal opinion!). This kit might be a good alternative for those who can't afford buying a PG stirke freedom. the grey part which is under the wrists of the past RG seed kits always pop off whenever you try to change hands because there's no peg which holds it, but his time the wrists part (they're gold in SF case) are not falling off when you'll need to changes hands
If you'll buy also the expansion set then you'll get effect parts for the wings and you'll be able to pose the "DRAGOON" too (the set also includes an action base 2).
RG destiny gundam which the upper half and lower half separate very easily, I don't know why but unlike the RG strike freedom it is perfectly fine (maybe it is because of the paint?)

Long story short if you're a fan of strike freedom gundam then by all means buy it and if not then no but please take note that this is back heavy because of its huge backpack so posing it won't be easy (but it doesn't mean that it is impossible to make cool poses and you can solve the weight issue by using superglue for example but for sure there are also other methods to solve that problem).

I'm sorry if I have missed to mentioned some things, so if you have some questions about RG 1/144 Strike Freedom gundam, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as possible!

 thanks again for visiting my blog and please stay tuned for more guys!


  1. Keep up the good work

  2. Replies
    1. it is because I have now a job and I only have 1 day-off so it is kinda hard to have time with my hobby. Thanks for visiting my blog btw! :D

  3. great pose and pics! i wonder how long you spent from changing the pose to taking the picture?

  4. amazing! you make my collection worth it. These poses are hard to pull off. You're a genius.

  5. Very curious to see you pose these with Wing of Lights effects for both destiny and freedom. Can't wait :-)

  6. Did you use primer before spraying the Meta Gold or it's okay not to?

  7. Nice shot. Seeing gundam in Italy.

  8. How did you apply the TS-84 Metallic Gold? Have you used TS-14 Black as an undercoat/primer? You did sprayed it while still on the runners, when you cutted it did you sprayed it again?