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 I would like just to give you some tips on how to pose a model kit in particular a gunpla.

well, when posing a gunpla the things that you'll need to have or to know are the following:

  • a good camera ( it isn't really necessary to have a reflex camera)
  • an enough lighten place to take a photo
  • always turn-on the "MACRO"
  • don't be afraid to push to the limits of articulations of your gunpla.

 Q: what kind of camera are you using?

A: I'm using an old digital camera sony cybershot 5.1 megapixels DSCP93 and here's a link for full specs of the camera that I'm using for taking photos:

Q: where are all those action poses for your gunpla inspired from?

A: well, let's say that I just play a lot with my gundam model kits and most of the time the posings aren't really inspired by anything; but when I was a kid, I've enjoyed watching a lot of anime (for example gundams W G & X, rurouni kenshin, slam dunk, final fantasy, etc) so perhaps I was influenced by that. Anyway I suggest you guys to watch a lot action movies or anime so you can have more ideas about posing your gunplas.

Q: which is your favorite gundam model kit?

A: hmm, I think my fav gunpla is my gundam astray red frame MG 1/100 but I really also like all of the gunplas that I've bought, minus the Unicorn gundam destroy mode HGUC 1/144 because it isn't really very posable and some parts are fragile.

Q: do you also like robot damashii/spirts action figures?

A: of course! indeed I have few of them, like for example the wing gundam ver ka (which is a limited release), cherudim SAGA, garazzo and then gaddessa.

Q: do you like posing your gundam with a sword or with a gun?

A: well, it depends about the gundam. if you have to display gundam exia, you'll have to display it with its swords and if you have to display buster gundam, you'll have to display it with its guns but in my opinion model kits with swords as its weapons can be displayed in more different ways.

this is taken by using the zoom of the camera

 this picture is taken instead without using the zoom

and this one instead was taken by putting close the aperture of the camera (don't forget to turn on the macro to have this kind of result so the picture will not become blurred); so by doing that the weapon now looks "dynamic".

and by the way, these pictures with "shining" effect aren't photoshopped, it was caused by the reflection of the sunlight, so that's why some of my pictures have this kind of effect

  QUESTION: how to make a cool dynamic pose?
(please take note that this advice are intended only for very posable model kits like for example from gundam 00 season 2/AGE/RG/recent MG kits)
Well, let's take a look of my Arios gundam HG, as you can see it's posed in a (very) dynamic pose , so if you're going to take a picture of your model kit you have to choose which angle first to take a picture, in this case, it's from its left side:

I'll start explaining from the lower parts which its legs and if you have noticed, most of the time I've bent as I can the right leg and leave the left leg more or less straight, then turn down the feet so it will look like that it's floating in the air, after that try to spread its legs like in the picture but don't spread them too much or it will look weird, just spread them naturally.

then now about the upper part of the body, it will depend about the weapon(s) which is the model kit is holding, in this case, Arios is equipped with a beam rifle, so the most natural pose will be like that,  raise like that the right arm and put it straight so it will have the "effect" that it's targeting and firing its enemy. don't also forget to pose well the left arm of your model kit, as you can notice, I've bent it a little bit to make it looks a natural movement and raised it up more or less at the same height of its right arm.

finally the head and the torso/body; I've just twisted the body a little bit to the left and bend forward its torso, then I've moved the head to the right where its beam rifle is pointed and put down a little head to make it looks "angry" or to make it have a fierce look.

and that's it! you'll have a nice posing of your model kit like mine! :D

you know guys there's really a lot of different type of poses that can be done but this kind of pose is one of the coolest in my opinion


what a mess! LOL XD

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  1. nice really help thanks! :)

  2. really like the shots and poses.. thanks for sharing this =)

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    1. Hi. Accidentally deleted my comment. Anyways, thanks for the tip on posing gundams. Do you paint your kits? If you do, how do you pose them without scratching the paint when posing? Can I add you to my blogroll? Thanks

    2. yes of course you can add me in to your blogroll, there's no problem about it, thanks a lot! hehe XD

  4. How nice that when I look up gunpla posing on Google, your stuff comes up. Great work. Will be stealing some of these cuz I suck at GOOD posing.

  5. Never take your blog down lol your a god damn amazing resource.

    1. Sorry sir for the lack of update, I am really busy about studying in the university so that's the reason. It js really time consuming to make a slideshow and to have a lot of ideas on how to pose a gunpla but don't you worry sir, my blog is not down, let's say that I am just taking a break for now. Thanks again for paying a visit on my blog and for the support! :D

    2. hi there KABAYAN!!! i will copy some of all your cool poses, specially the RG DESTINY.....good luck in your study... =)

    3. oh by the way i forgot to include in my previous message!!! "YOUR GUNDAM POSES ROCKS"!!!!!!!!!!

    4. thank you very much sheldon! and pardon me for the late reply, I was so busy in these days.

  6. im not a fan of the astray series but when i saw your red frame kai MG1/100 i immediately bought one hahaha . btw you promised last time we would see your poses for the RG1/144 strike freedom .. i know your busy dude but we love your work .. ask you dad for a dslr sure he'll get one for you.

    1. thank you very much knightmare21, indeed when I've bought the red frame MG I wasn't really a big fan too, I've just bought it because it was on sale haha XD
      yes, it is true that I've promised that I'm making a slideshow of my strike freedom RG but right now university is really becoming very hard so I need to study a lot and these days here in Venice, Italy the weather is not so good, the sky is so dark so I can't take nice photos and it is raining too. but I will for sure make a slideshow of RG strike freedom, I won't break my promise and thanks for being patient!