Sunday, October 4, 2015

my gunpla posings drawn by "the durrrrian"

as the title says some of my gunpla posings have been inspired by the "the durrrrian" aka daniel kamarudin, he is a very well-known person who is very good at drawing (mostly about gundams)
it takes 2-3 hours to finish one drawing. I'm really very honoured that my posings have been used as a base to some of his drawings and he have all my respect to his dedication and the efforts that he had put to all of his arts.

here's the link his tumblr page:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Interior Union Y-01 Tellus from armored core (kotobukiya)

Interior Union Y-01 Tellus from armored core (kotobukiya)

Hi guys this time I'm not posting about a gundam model kit but instead an armored core kit from kotobukiya.
for those people who are not familiar with this robot, it is from the videogame "armored core 4" which is a game that allows you to customized your very own robot, just like for example you can choose which head, body, arms, legs, generator, boosters, etc. to combine with.
PS: I have never played armored core games in PS3, only from PS1 and PS2; then this Tellus has been panel lined by using "tamiya panel line accent (brown) and I've used a weathering set C also again by tamiya.

now I'll show you some pics of it by parts:

well nothing special about this in my opinion, but this head part consists about 12 pieces of plastic parts.