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Interior Union Y-01 Tellus from armored core (kotobukiya)

Interior Union Y-01 Tellus from armored core (kotobukiya)

Hi guys this time I'm not posting about a gundam model kit but instead an armored core kit from kotobukiya.
for those people who are not familiar with this robot, it is from the videogame "armored core 4" which is a game that allows you to customized your very own robot, just like for example you can choose which head, body, arms, legs, generator, boosters, etc. to combine with.
PS: I have never played armored core games in PS3, only from PS1 and PS2; then this Tellus has been panel lined by using "tamiya panel line accent (brown) and I've used a weathering set C also again by tamiya.

now I'll show you some pics of it by parts:

well nothing special about this in my opinion, but this head part consists about 12 pieces of plastic parts.


about the arms, they have hardpoints on the forearms and on the shoulder which you can attach some weapons.


this part is not really very movable or posable at all, it can't do a split and they don't even bend at 90°, in the game an armored core doesn't really do a lot of movements with the legs, I mean it moves thanks mainly to the boosters, so kotobukiya is really faithful to the design of the robot


well about this core, it has a lot of pieces in order to be assembled; like about more than 70 pieces.

the blue parts can be opened to reveal extra boosters

it is the "overboost" system to make go faster the AC

 you can see that it has also 2 hard points at the back so it can equip weapons like cannons or missile launchers

nothing much to say here, they just hit and destroy the enemy in the videogame

side weapons and back weapons

 these missile pods are equipped on the side of the shoulders

 these are the missile launcher closed and the back cannon folded

this what looks like when the cannon is unfolded and about the missile launcher no big change.

now let's assemble the armored core and do some action poses

well that's it guys. I'm sorry but I can't realyl do a lot of action poses about it for a couple of reasons:
1) it is very top heavy
2) the articulations of the joints are limited
3) there's no hole under its waist unit and no action base/stand that can hold it up because it is very heavy unless you'll make a custom one for it of course.

but in the game the robots doesn't really do a lot of movements so it is understandable and kotobukiya has done an accurate representation of Tellus.
if you're a modeller who likes very detailed kit well this is the kit for you and there's a lot of part separations and tiny parts too!
just also be careful because there are a lot of sharp parts and you might also glue some parts because some of them can't stay in place.
and I would like also to add that this is not like bandai kits so by saying that it means that you must be extra careful while assembling this kit because some parts are fragile and some parts are hard to fit.

so in short this is not really a kit for beginners, it is quite expensive and if you're into posings, well this kit is not for you because it is not really posable at all.

aside all of thos negative things and even it is not really posable I did have fun assembling Tellus because its design is unique and the way on how to assemble this kit is very enjoyable.

and if you have any questions about this kit, just leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as possible!
thanks again for visiting my blog and please stay tuned for more!

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