Monday, July 30, 2012

00 RAISER HG 1/144

hi guys this time I just want to share some photos of my 00 raiser HG 1/144
and these photos aren't included in my slideshow video; "some" of them are considered as a "draft" I mean they're photos that I didn't like/ photos which posing isn't that good for my taste so I didn't included it in my slideshow but some of then are here too because they can't fit in the slideshow video, anyway I hope you'll still enjoy viewing my pictures and  if you have some questions or thoughts please comment down below ^_^

0 raiser

docking mode!!

it looks plain...well, let's try to add on the beam effect parts!

now it's cooler!
anyway, I like the glowing effect of the beam effect part (thanks to the sunlight!) :D
but I don't expose too much under the sunlight my model kit :)

let's recreate now the gn sword II staff

ok that's it! hehe XD

hmm... wait a moment, something is missing...

yeah the "bling bling" effect hehe >:D

and by the way if you're wondering if it's painting, well, I've only painted the missing colors like for example the yellow on the v fins and I've hand-painted the clear parts, etc.


Hmm.. the photos is ok but I feel that they're kinda a little bit awkward perhaps I can still improve the pose.....

just like these poses! hehe.. anyway,I sincerely don't like much the GN swords II but when the beam effect parts are added on , they look cooler!

they look ok =3=

ops my left thumb finger! XD

these are more awesome poses in my opinion! hehe :D

 charging up....

 full charge!!

now let's go & slice in half those A-LAWS!

let's go 0-raiser!!!

ok, now let's combine and use the trans am raiser!




how about the trans-am raiser with the gn sword II?

I got you now Ribbons Almark! nyahaha >:D

setsuna: nooo, saji what are you doing! come back here! =3=
saji: Louise!! :3
setsuna: facepalm =.="

not all of the pictures are bad (maybe hehe XD), some of them are here because they can't fit in the slideshow.
btw, this HG is really very poseable so basically there's a lot of things that you can do but the neck joint is kinda a little bit stiff so it's a little bit hard to move around and the white v fins on the chest are hindering the visual of the head and of course the v fins on the forehead are hindering the eyes of 00 gundam/00 raiser, then you'll need some painting to make it looks better, like for example the red jewel and the yellow v fins are hand painted with tamiya acrylic paint; also the grey that you can see on the side of the legs and on the feet are painted but perhaps you can choose to not to paint the gn condensers in clear green so you'll be able to see the gn marking stickers.

anyway, I really had a lot of fun when I was assembling this model kit ;)

btw, the 0 raiser is a from the condenser type 00 raiser, I didn't bought the "original" one because I've noticed that the condenser type and the regular 00 raiser with gn sword III have the same price tag and that time I've saw on HLJ that the condenser type was on sale by 50%, so I've bought this version instead and it comes with all the accessories that come with 00 raiser HG + gn sword III plus the gn condensers ^_^

and before I forgot, just in case that you're wondering about the shinning effect that you can see, it isn't edited/photoshop, it just came naturally with the help of the sunlight which reflects the GN sword III (just like what happened on gundam astray red frame kai's katanas)

if you don't have still a 00 raiser HG, I'll suggest you to buy it (but if you have a lot of cash in your wallet perhaps you might to buy instead the master grade version of 00 raiser) because I think overall it has a unique design, it's a very poseable model kit and it comes with a lot of accessories (GN-sword II with 2 beam for each sword, 2 GN-sword III with a beam effect, 2 beam sabers, GN shield and the 0 raiser, if you want you can count also it as one of 00 gundam's accessories) and perhaps you'll need an action base 1/2/3 to pose it because I think it's not really meant for ground poses because with that jet/fighter behind 00, it will obviously fall backdown most of the time

well, now I think that's all my opinion about this HG 1/144 00 Raiser.

thanks for visiting again my blog and please stay tuned for more!


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  2. Lightning Ace did you only paint the clear green on the inside of the GN Condenser or the outside

    1. I have only painted the inside of the clear parts