Saturday, July 21, 2012

RG 1/144 strike gundam assembled

I've just taken some photos of my RG 1/144 strike gundam, indeed I've finished this assembling like 2 weeks ago but I've just decided to take some photos today hehe XD

anyway as expected it's really very detailed and very poseable too! (my ideal model kit)

but if you want to make some cool poses I think you'll need an action base 2 or 3

if you try to equip the aile striker pack, you'll have some weight issues but it still looks good in my opinion even without it ^_^

and by the way I don't think that I'll apply all of the marking stickers on my RG 1/144 strike gundam because I think it's pointless to add them on if they'll not be noticed at all, I'm just going to add on stickers which can be easily noticed

one of the iconic pose of strike gundam (I didn't like the posing version of bandai of strike gundam, it was boring in my opinion)

I'll post more action poses with this model kit and talk about it pros and cons later on but not soon enough because I'm busy about taking pictures of some my my other model kit which are the 1.5 gundam HG, avalanche dash exia HG, wing gundam ver ka MG (customized color scheme), 00 raiser HG, 00 gundam 7 sword/G HG and freedom gundam RG for the part 2 (well the truth about it is because I have taken a lot of pictures of that model kit so it's taking me more time to finish it but I don't want to rush it so the outcome will be great)

as always stay tuned on this blogger for more update or also on my youtube channel so you won't miss my latest update/uploaded slideshow video! ^_^

thanks for the visit and for all of your support guys! ;D

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