Sunday, June 10, 2012


hi guys, welcome again and I'm kindly want to share some pictures of my real grade 1/144 freedom gundam! :D
it's really a fantastic model kit in my opinion because it's very detailed and it has a lot of playability plus it's very poseable too!

here's a video link of my slideshow for freedom gundam RG 1/144

 anyway as you can see, it's not painted but I've applied the sticker decals and I've also panel-lined it.
I would like to warn also for those people who are planning to buy this kit to be careful while assembling it, especially when cutting off the tree the face mask because it's so tiny and fragile which is really easy to break. Indeed I've nearly broken that part but I've resolved that problem by using a cement/superglue.

even it's posed in simple poses this model kit  it's still cool

pew pew pew and pew!!

weight issues? hmm... yeah, because of the backpack/wings it's back heavy but if you put the wings side to side well you won't be having trouble to make it stands in its own ^_^
and also there's a little bit of weight issues when this RG kit is equipped with its shield but if it's posed correctly it will stay in place without any problems at all.

but I think it's cooler when it's displayed with an action base 2 or with an action base 3 if you have it.

all long range weapons activated! and boom!

I really like the design of that shield!

hmm. the connection with the beam sabers are kinda loose, so it was a little hard to make it straight, and about the left open hand, it's  pose in a very dynamic way, which helps me a lot with my posing style but it's too easy to fall offs.

you can see that the left arm is lifted well even with the shield attached on; well, as I've mentioned before if you're good at balancing, you'll have no problem at all doing this kind of pose, that's the only trick ^_^

consider this guys as an "appetizer", I mean that I have a lot more of photos to share to you with differend action poses of course (more than 100 photos)
the reason why I didn't still uploaded them because I'm still working on them for my slideshow video so I'm sorry if you're still waiting for the part 2, but I don't want to rush it, so the result will be awesome! ^_^
(the photos has been taken a month ago, but I've just worked on them a little because I had to study for the exams but now that I've finished all of them, well, I can now work on it!)


  1. some say that rg freedom's head pop off easily, do you share the same problem bro?

    1. no I don't have that problem, I've got only a minor problem about the wings. the head of my rg freedom gundam is pretty stable

    2. Hey I was wondering what you used to paint the reflective chrome silver on some parts of the wings, the booster in the shoulders and other areas?

      I'm planning on purchasing this as well as my first gundam model and from supplies alone it's already added up to about $60 because I want to take a try and perfect the first model :)

      Have you painted any other parts of the gundam as well? I heard it's best to panel line before building the model and also the same thing for some stickers. I'm guessing you've used the fine-tip marker? And top-coated it after?

      It'll be great if you can get back to me soon :D

      P.S. Do you think the gold gundam marker would look okay on those chrome silver areas of the freedom?

      Thanks a lot!

    3. hi, I didn't paint the wings, that silver chrome on the wings are (decal) stickers. this is just a straight build! :D

      well, for me a real grade 1/144 model kit is one of the best choices because the color separations are good, then it's very detailed and it is very articulated! the only down side are the parts, they're tiny.
      the only part that you should paint is the sensor on its forehead and the scope on its beam rifle (clear blue)

      yeah, it's better to panel line the kit first and then apply the top coat
      and yeah, I don't think it's a bad idea applying a gold gundam marker instead of silver

  2. hey i wondering if you sand down the nubs cause it looks pretty clean.

  3. yes, sir I've sanded down a little the nubs

  4. ahh, what grit do u use for sanding?

  5. I've used the smoothest one that I could get but before sanding down it, I've carefully cut the nubs buy using my cutter/hobby knife

  6. ahh ok thanks. Its because when i sand (even with very smooth sandpapers) my rgs, some parts tend to be a little discolored because the sand parts loose their gloss. Do you know how to get rid of that problem? Yours looks like it doesnt have too much of that problem.

    Do you know how to get rid of that problem>

    1. one of the best solution is using a top-coat or perhaps try to wash it with water?

  7. ahh ok, did you top coat this freedom?

  8. I have a problem with the rear small under wing.. both wings the 3rd ones... i have to detach and reattach them again.. its painstaking and annoying.. could u give me an advice to solve this bro??

    1. yeah, it's the main problem about the wings of freedom, the only thing that you can do is re-fit them again, you can't use superglue on it since it will be stationary so it won't be movable, so in the end you'll have to be really patient if you move the wings just move it carefully

    2. What i did now is put clear nail polish to the holes .. it holds pretty well for now.. still movable.. anyways did u build already a perfect strike gundam with the ailes strike and skygrasper?? I built mine already..

  9. Hi! I'm planning to purchase this one (my very first one :-D), and I'm really excited! Nice photoshoot!