Monday, June 18, 2012


Hi guys, these are some photos that I didn't included in my seraphim gundam HG 1/144 slideshow video.
all of the clear parts which you can see are all han painted like for example the red jewel  on its forehead, then the clear parts on its hands are painted with tamiya clear green by using a flat brush; and I've hand painted also the eyes of seraphim gundam with ice blue from games workshop using a tiny brush, then I've panel-lined the white face mask (using a pilot liquid ink pen V ball, I think it's not necessary that you must use a gundam marker ^_^)
anyway, please enjoy looking at my photos and I hope this will help you to get more ideas to pose your seraphim gundam ;D
(perhaps someday I'll upload also the pictures that I've used in my slideshow video)
and also I've painted and panel-lined the huge gundam face which is hidden.

and by the way this model kit was a gift from a (girl)friend 2 years ago hehe XD

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