Sunday, June 3, 2012

00 GUNDAM SEVEN SWORD/G HG 1/144 part 1

00 gundam seven sword with its GN-SWORD II long
the color spray paint that I've used in this model kit are: tamiya gun-metal fo the grey parts, dark red for the main color scheme which was blue back then (I've used an italian brand spray paint, sorry I don't remember anymore its name) and the rest were hand painted like the V-fins, the clear parts and etc.
by the way, I didn't inspired this color scheme to 00 gundam seven sword/G inspection, I've made this color scheme before bandai made that variation, so that's only a coincidence but I don't mind if you also call it inspection version ;)


00 gundam with its GN-KATARS

 this HG is really revolutionary, if I'm correct back then when it was release years ago, this HG was the most poseable of  among of all HGs line, it can do even splits! wow! O.O

00 GUNDAM doing an high kick! XD

in this picture, you can see that it can even do this kind of pose without any problem at all!

another picture with of 00 gundam kicking!
and of course there are also cons about this model kit, and the only things that I don't like about the model kit is the fins on its chest which cover its face, then also the V-fins on its head also hinders its eyes and finally the neck joint because it is so stiff that it's hard to move it.

00 gundam firing its GN-SWORD II SHORT

another cons that I've found, is about the GN-SWORD II short; it pops off really very easily, but I've applied a little amount of cement then I've let it dry, doing it so, the connection has been stregthen.

another shot

now 00 gundam equipped with all of its weapons! yeah!

if you ask me which is my favorite weapons among all of them, I must say that's the buster sword and the gn-sword II blaster!

a comparison between the 7 sword/G version and 00 raiser
since I like both of them, I've bought them together! hehe XD
 but I think that the 7 sword/G is more enjoyable to pose because its weapons are cooler than the 00 raiser in my opinion but that's only a personal preference,  00 raiser has also its uniqueness! (I'll post also in the near future about the 00 raiser ^_^).

a dynamic kneeling pose!


setsuna: here I go!

before  I forget, here's also a posing with the gn-sword II blaster and with a beam saber!

it's also possibile to combine the GN-SWORD II long and short (but the connector isn't included with this kit, it comes with the HG 00 raiser)

 for more cool action poses, just click this link on my youtube channel:

if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask me! ^_^

no weight issues at all ;)

see you next time for the part 2!!!

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