Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi guys, this time I'll gonna share to you some pictures of my masurao HG 1/144 from gundam 00 series

as you can see it's just a straight build but it's still looks good even unpainted!

hmm, the beam blades looks kinda "plain", but if you take photos in a certain angle, it will be different and thanks at the sunlight it seems glowing!

and perhaps gundam astray red frame will be happy to see a beam katana? :D

overall in my opinion, I  really like the design of masurao because it has a unique design which makes it looks like a samurai warrior; this HG does have problems though: the joints are not that secured and the pseudo hair falls off pretty easily but still I like how it looks and the clear orange beam effect part for its beam sabers (howard & daryl) are really pretty cool and the way they curve are awesome! anyway I hope that someday it will have a MG treatment.
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thanks for visting again this blog and see you next time! :D


  1. Wow looks very good. U have really good camera skills and the poses look very dynamic! I could use more imagination in posing my kits :)

    1. @stargazer: thanks a lot! I'm really glad that you like my posing and that it gives you some inspiration! ^_^
      please stay tuned on my youtube channel and also for this blog for more gunpla photos or slideshows!

  2. i really admire how you pose your kits! :) awesome bro!

    1. thanks a lot bro! I really appreciate that you like my action poses for my model kits. please stay tuned for more! :D