Monday, June 4, 2012


arios gundam GNHW/M pointing his GN cannon

hi guys, these are the pictures that I didn't included in my slideshow video on youtube:
another shot with the same pose in a different angle
as you can see I've painted the parts where the colors are missing, like for example the clear parts, the orange on its knees, and the missin grey color on its binders/claws, etc. and for the weapons I've hand-painted the clear part in clear red because I don't have a clear blue and also that red under the clear part is painted.

this time with its TBR (twin beam rifle)
maybe you're asking about yourself how can arios do these kind of dynamic poses, well first of all, since the shoulder joints are weak (which fall down pretty easily) I've decided to apply a little bit of cement so it would have some more friction, and as you can see it has no problem now. the second one is about the legs, I've used 00 gundam upper legs joints, so now it can spread more its legs (not like its own joints which can only do forward and backward movements).

arios gundam dashing forward with a beam saber
but 00 gundam's leg joints aren't 100% compatible (let's say 80-90%) because they're little bit big to fit in, so you might sand it a little if you're planning to do it also to your Arios gundam HG.

and by the way, the open palm hand doesn't come with this kit, it comes from 00 gundam but it comes with a left close fist

if you're also asking what camera that I'm using to take photos, well that is the sony cybershot 5.1 megapixel DSC-P93. it's now an old camera but it can still take nice photos as you can see ^_^

to have a awesome poses you must have a lot of creativity in your mind, maybe watching for example the series (mobile suit gundam 00) might help you to have ideas or by also watching action movies and other animes.

but having a good pose isn't enough yet, you must also to know which is the best angle to take a picture of your gunpla. and when taking a picture be sure to have a enough light. (in my case since that I don't have enough equipment, I just simply take advantage of the sunlight and use something as a reflector to have a good shot).

I think I prefer Arios without its missile pods because I can move more freely Arios's arms

 and here some simple posing (down below)

but you know I don't like my gunpla to display like that ;)

for more cool action poses, see this link ^_^
please stay tuned for more! ^_^


  1. i am very sad that i dont have gundam 00 which means i cant pose my arios like yours. anyway i am using the default upper legs joints, and it doesnt seem action stand compatible, have u tried to put arios on action stand in mobile armor mode with the default joint?? when u said gundam 00, did u mean gundam 00 HG??

    1. 1) if you're going to use the original waist joints/ upper leg joints, well unfortunately Arios' legs won't be very posable
      2)yes, I mean gundam 00 HG 1/144

  2. which orange paint u using for the fins on the shin? it is mr hobby or tamiya ?