Saturday, June 30, 2012


  this is my wing gundam ver. ka MG 1/100 (i'm currently working on a slideshow for this model kit but I don't still know when I'll be able to finish it soon for a couple of reasons: it's hard to pose and I'm also working for other slideshow videos, like for example the gundam astray red frame MG 1/100 and avalanche (dash) exia HG 1/144)

for no reason I've decided to take a picture of my "chinese name" which was given by my chinese friend (the main reason why I have this name is because a couple of years ago when I was back in high school I was trying to see a photo album on a chinese social network called "RENREN", but I couldn't because it was required to have an account on that website so my chinese (girl)friend helped me to create an account so I could see the picture that she wanted to show me)

what the H are those ducks doing there?!?! XD

I'm just checking what's happending on my fan base hehe XD

anyway, it isn't very easy to pose this wing gundam ver. ka and then it isn't designed to be pose on an action base 1 (it doesn't comes with an action base connector but I can still use the connectors which come with the action base 1) because bandai or katoki just made it for ground pose(s) and also the hands don't have any pegs so it can securely hold the buster rifle =3=
but I'll still try my best to pose this particular model kit in dynamic poses as always ^_^
and stay tuned as always on my youtube channel and on my blog for more update ;)

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