Sunday, October 5, 2014

RX-78-2 GUNDAM ver. 3.0 MG 1/100

RX-78-2 GUNDAM ver. 3.0 MG 1/100

hi guys, this time I would like to share some ideas about posing the RX-78-2 gundam ver. 3.0 MG 1/100
I hope you'll like them.

thumb up pose! ;-D

uuuh, yeah it is a weird funny pose hahaha XD

double thumbs up!! :D

to be honest I like the green beam saber and as an act of respect to the original beam saber color, I've used both of them.

that's all for now.
and I'll add some personal opinion about the gunpla:
this kit is really very-well detailed and very posable but the downside about this kit are the torso and the feet which pop off very easily in my opinion.
if you have some questions about this kit, just leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as possible.

just in case you didn't still watch my slideshow on youtube, here's a link:

thanks a lot for visiting again my blog and see you next time guys!


  1. Hi,

    I admire your work and they have inspiration for some of the poses I've been making on some of my kits. Much praises to you and your creative mind.

    I've seen how much you can do with RX-78-2, and I've been thinking: Can this be done on MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal? I have one, and I have been impressed so far with its articulation and balance. Could you possibly make a spot for it? Looking forward to it, and to more of you work. Thanks, and more power!!

    1. hi
      thanks a lot sir! I'm really glad that you like my action poses for this particular kit, indeed it wasn't easy because some parts pop-off very easily like for example the feet and the torso.
      I don't have a MG age 1 normal but I've already seen a lot of photos about it so in my opinion it can do all the poses that I've also done for gundam ver. 3.0 and perhaps it can do even more better poses! if I'll have a MG age 1 normal of course I'll make also a slideshow or share some action poses of it here on my blog.
      thanks a lot for your visit and comment! please stay tuned for more!

    2. Thank you so much for considering it, Sir Lightning Ace. If it's not too much, add AGE-1 Titus too. I'd love to see what you can do with a ground-based MS favoring melee combat. I haven't finished going through your galleries, so I don't know if you're hiding a God Gundam in there somewhere (melee-based too).

      Staying tuned, and excited to see your next piece. More power!!

    3. so far I do have a build burning gundam HG which is a melee type gundam, but I'll still consider those 2 gunplas that you've mentioned, it might takes time but I won't forget to make slideshows for them

  2. Sick poses, dude! Not sure if you answered this previously, but how do you deal with loose joints, especially in RG frames that are pre-built? My RG Strike's arms don't want to stay up anymore where the arm attaches to the main body.

  3. Nice work bro. Wicked poses. I myself am working this same exact kit myself adn look forward to posing off some of those wicked poses. Keep the kits coming! Love the MG 1/100 models. #TeamGunpla

  4. can see the rx-78-2-gundam eyes??

    1. yes there are some pictures that you can see the gundam eyes, by the way what's the reason why you are interestede that much about the eyes Sir Gd jai?