Wednesday, June 6, 2012


gundam age-1 equipped with astraea's GN proto sword
someone requested me if I could do a slideshow video of gundam age 1 normal HG 1/144, but I don't have a gundam age 1 normal, but as you can see I came up with something: kitbashing gundam age-1 and some parts from gundam 00 HG model kits which are compatible for gundam age 1.
(here's the link btw, for the slideshow

I didn't really done any modifications at all, it's just some parts swapped: the arms are from gundam astraea and the legs are from 00 gundam.

and I have to say that it looks really great in my opinion!!

here's a shot with gundam age 1 showing off astraea's weapons!

you know, I didn't also like the weapon of gundam age 1 spallow, it's like a butter knife, but it's not the end of the world, there's a plenty of things that you can do about your gunpla, just like this! ^_^

maybe this is also a good alternative if you don't like much the proportions of gundam age-1 normal original legs and arms ^_^

just some dashing poses using the GN proto sword ;)

then how about some evading maneuver poses?

so I think that's enough, I'll try to show off its GN shield

then finally let's show it off with its beam sabers


btw, these poses are inspired by a model kit that I'm currently working on. but I think it's too early to to make its "debut", please stay tuned ^_^

if you ask me what is my fav pose for my gunpla well, I don't have really a favorite pose hehe XD
but for sure it's not my fav a standing pose.

if you would like to see my slideshow video for this kit, here's the link! ^_^

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