Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My very first model kit from gundam 00, the Reborns gundam HG 1/144.
I was a newbie that time on building a model kit so this reborns gundam is not that "looking good" and perhaps someday I'll buy a new one of this model kit, anyway, maybe you're wondering why I've painted in clear green the beam saber? it's simply because I don't like a color orange beam saber so I've decided to paint it like that.

I'm trying to imitate the pose of Reborns gundam pose on the box art hehe XD

by the way all of these are the photos that I didn't included in my slideshow video on youtube.

to tell you the truth I never like the antagonist's mobile suits but this one is particular because I think that the design is really cool and of course the other reason is it red hehe XD

then usually if a mobile suit have a second mode, it will transform into a mobile armor but in this case it's a 2 in 1 mobile suit, it can transform into a gundam or into another MS for more firepower but I've never bothered to pose it in its reborns cannon mode because I've never liked it, but it's still pretty cool to have more playability in a model kit!
and please stay tuned for more! :D

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  1. How did you paint this model? Or perhaps, how would you have liked to paint it? I know there are a lotta clear parts to it. I'm thinking about getting one but I'm not sure... It'd be my first model kit. If I do decide to get one I wanna make my best effort on it though.