Sunday, June 3, 2012


 hi guys, I would like to share to you some pictures of my gundam age-1 spallow HG 1/144 and as you can see, even it has only a blade, it can still have a lot of cool action poses! I think that the only con about this model kit is the lack of accessories and I'm kinda disappointed a little bit about the feet because I was hoping for articulations like 00 gundam but oh well, I think it's still a pretty decent model kit! it has a slender design and it's very poseable too! I think the most interesting part about this kit are the forearms! as you can see, they can be open to add more dynamic looking for the gundam which is cool in my opinion and for more cool action poses please visit this link on youtube! 
this youtube link is also my youtube channel but I don't upload anymore videos here


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