Sunday, October 4, 2015

my gunpla posings drawn by "the durrrrian"

as the title says some of my gunpla posings have been inspired by the "the durrrrian" aka daniel kamarudin, he is a very well-known person who is very good at drawing (mostly about gundams)
it takes 2-3 hours to finish one drawing. I'm really very honoured that my posings have been used as a base to some of his drawings and he have all my respect to his dedication and the efforts that he had put to all of his arts.

here's the link his tumblr page:

thanks for visiting again my blog and see you soon for my next update guys!
(PS: I'm already working right now about a slideshow of my RG strike freedom, please be patient since here in Venice, Italy there's a very bad weather, it's windy and rainy so I can't take photos)


  1. thats cool bro! can't wait to see your RG strike freedom :D
    cheers from indonesia Gunda tricks indo blog

  2. Hi bro thanks for checking out my latest post. I will do the best that I can to do the best pose strike freedom rg and cheers from italy too! Have a nice day

  3. Lightning Ace , may i ask you that i need a recomendation about what rg i should pick
    RG Astray Red Frame or RG Wing Gundam Zero EW

    1. hello Je Syaukaniy!
      I think I will buy instead the RG wing zero EW because the MG version is not very posable and the RG have more details too! :D