Thursday, August 16, 2012


hi guys, this time I'm going to share some photos of my gundam wing ver ka MG 1/100
and this model kit is an old paintjob of mine, it was like 2 or 3 years ago and that time I wasn't really a pro at painting a gundam model kit but I've still decided to share it hehe.
(most of the ver ka MG like this model kit is only made for stand pose but I've still tried my best to do some good action pose.) and for those who didn't still watch my slideshow about it well I'll leave below a video link:

and how about without a shield? will it looks also good?





it also looks nice in my opinion then how about with the beam saber?

I've tried to take some photoshot of that iconic pose of wing gundam ver ka ;)

wing gundam looking down XD

and here it's just a normal flight mode pose (in MS mode)

and I didn't take some pictures of it in its bird mode because it's quite troublesome to pose it and it doesn't have an action base connector so that's why,

and now I'll try a tackle/charging action pose






it looks fine :)

then now how about some action poses with the buster rifle ;D

 close up photoshots

 vertical photoshot

    some evasive action pose photos

and now FLY GUNDAM!!!!!!! XD

close up photoshots

photos in vertical

and if you're wondering if I can do a pose of wing gundam of its buster rifle with just a hand, well of course it's possible even without any modification at all (I've just put in a good use my balacing skill) :-)


yup, as you can see there isn't any modifications  at all, just like I've said earlier ;)
thanks (maybe) to the paint that tighten joints of the hand and the shoulder so it was able to support on the weight and if you don't like using paint,  you might use instead a little bit of super-glue to put on the joints of the hand and also add a little bit of super-glue on the peg of the shoulders.

I've tried to shake the table to check the stability, and yes, the buster rifle isn't falling at all, thanks to the hand which is pretty stable and I've also left it for 2 days like this and it was still the same, it didn't give a sign of any weight issues, not even an inch. and if you're wondering how many times I've attempt to make this pose well, it was like 8 out of 10; so yeah, me too, I've got little problem at first but when it's done in this pose will be pretty stable, but well I think that this fact is only valid for my wing gundam ver ka. MG 1/100 then it will be all up to your balancing skill.

my final thoughts about this model kit:

despite for being an old master grade it can still do awesome action poses like what I've done ;)
I have still many kind of action poses in my mind about this model kit but I can't do them because the articulations are limited. but overall, this master grade 1/100 is very colorful (perhaps the most color ful among od all MGs, well I mean when it's unpainted hehe), then it's a pity that it doesn't come with a customized action base connector like other gundam model kits in these days so you might wanna pick up instead the EW version if you like more to pose your gunpla with some aerial action poses (btw, I can't understand why this version didn't come with an action base connector while the wing zero gundam custom MG does come it?) and the only cons for me is about the shoulder peg being short which makes the arms to be detached very easily.
anyway, if you're a gundam wing fan or not, this MG is one of the best looking model kit ever made by bandai but I also think that a future release of a version 2.0 will be appreciated in my opinion.
so if you have any questions please just comment down below and I'll try to give you a proper answer. and please don't forget to visit also my youtube channel:

thanks again for visiting my blog and please stay tuned for more! :D


  1. did you get annoyed by the stickers considering that it is a ver ka

    1. hmm, I didn't bother myself to apply the stickers on this model kit because there's a lot of them then most of them are red so I forget about it, I've just applied the dry transfer decals on the shield.
      I've tried to apply also some dry transfer decals on the wings but it wasn't a good idea.

  2. I'd say it'd be worth painting just the connection points if even its weak old hands can hold the Buster Rifle THAT stably!
    Good review and nice custom color!

  3. hey , could you explain to me how to make that gundam can hold the buster rifle that stably ?? did u give an add-on or something ??

    1. well, I've explained everything up there bro, please read the explanation :)

  4. well first of all....NICE JOB GETTING THE WING GUNDAM TO TURN TO TRANS-AM MODE and 2nd,DEYM BALANCING SKILLSSSS....really...your balancing skills KILLS