Wednesday, February 6, 2013


hi guys, this time I'm showing off my customized gundam exia RII HG 1/144

and just in case you didn't still see my slideshow on youtube, please check it out!!

the name of the colors that I've used for painting this kit are the following:
light blue for the blue parts (tamiya spray paint)
light gun-metal for the joints (tamiya spray paint)

then I've hand painted the clear parts using clear green paint (tamiya)

anyway, I didn't  based off the colorscheme from other mobile suits or robots

and you can notice also that I've added more blue for exia like on its wrists, knees and ears.

 this effect isn't photoshopped guys, it is caused by the reflection of the sunlight.

for my final thoughts about this kit, well, I think it's a great model kit, because it's very posable (but not super posable like 00 gundam HG hehe)then its sleek proportions and the GN-sword kai made me buy this kit!

you can also change the GN-DRIVE in its "closed" mode if you want, but I didn't because the "open" version is cooler in my opinion. you can also rotate that green thing in the GN-DRIVE (it's hand painted by the way).

as you can see, there isn't a lot of changes that you can notice on the front view of gundam exia but you can notice more on its back side; indeed there are more thrusters to add more speed and agility but the downside about this, it has less weapons

if you want you can turn this kit into a normal gundam exia but the rubber parts are missing for the side of the shoulders so you can't really do a 100% gundam exia
(but I don't see any reason why I should turn it into gundam exia if I buy this gundam exia RII haha)

so the new parts about this kit are the shoulders, legs, the waist unit and the new GN-Drive, then the GN-sword.

but I'd wish that bandai made a similar joints for its legs as 00 gundam so it can have more movements/articulations

the only cons that I've found about this kit are the front foot guard amor because they easily fall down.

so that's all guys! thanks for visiting again my blog and please stay tuned for more!


  1. The color choices and paint job look great. Nice job!

    1. thanks bro! I'm glad that you like it

    2. Is it just painted with spray paint/spray can and hand painting?

  2. Love the paintjob, especially the head. Didn't realise it was a high grade at first!

    1. thanks a lot!!! about the head, I've added a little of color light blue because I think the head looks plain if I leave it all white

  3. I hope you build some more and upload more of your awesome poses.


    1. of course! I'll making more slideshows, it's jiust that in these days I'm kinda busy. anyway, thanks a lot for your support man!

  4. yes sir the gunpla is spray painted and some small parts are hand painted

  5. Your Gundam poses and custom color scheme is inspiring, I want to try to custom paint my gundam also and learn to make great poses for the gundam.