Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My (very old) camera

for those who are wondering which kind of camera that I'm using well here's a photo of it. Since that I'm a poor guy I can't afford buying an expensive camera, so I just use this very old camera (sony DSC-P93) for taking some pictures of my gunplas or robot damashiis which was bought in year 2003-2004 by my father.


  1. wad the pixel of dat camera? :3

  2. expensive cams are overrated and i have a way better cam but still can't produce photos as yours! :(
    yer photos feels alive as if the subject would jump out of my screen haha

    - avid fan crimson comet

    1. well, I'm not quite sure really about it perhaps it just depends about the user, but my father have an expensive reflex camera but I don't quite like using it because it's too heavy and big. so I prefer using this old one.

      thanks a lot really!! I'm glad that you like my action poses for my gunplas or robot damashiis; I will try my best as always to impress people who support me ^_^