Monday, September 9, 2013

Gundam Age-2 Dark Hound HG 1/144


my thoughts about this kit:
well, I like the colorscheme, it's very posable, it can transform and it's a pirate gundam!

personally I don't see any cons about this particular model kit, it isn't back heavy, no loose joints but maybe you'll find as a con the "green" eye patch because it isn't a clear part but that's pretty much understandable since it's just an HG and also you might find as a con the part swapping for the transformation but that's pretty common among most of the HG kits.
and by the way, if you're asking me why I'm not using the wire which comes with it, well, I've lost it, so I'm using instead the black wire which from my gundam 00 7S/G HG 1/144

If you have any questions please just leave a comment and I'll reply you ASAP

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