Saturday, November 19, 2016

Revoltech Raiden from metal gear rising revengeance

Revoltech Raiden from metal gear rising revengeance

 youtube slideshow video:

this is the first time I've ever bought a revoltech and I have to say that it is really super posable!

You can really do a lot with this revoltech action figure, for example it is possible to move the eye wherever you want to. About its weapon, it has only 2 which are the katana and the knife but it comes also with a lot of extra stuffs:
it comes with a pair of close fists, a pair of open palm hands, a pair of dynamic open hands, a pair of hands to hold its weapon and 1 right hand to hold its knife.
and that's really a lot of hands! but we're not done yet about the accessories:
it comes also with a clear blue effect part which you can put under its feet to make it looks like dashing or something, then it comes also with a close visor to cover its face, it comes with an extra red eye, a small plastic green box to store its extra hands, a clear part which you can put under one of  its foot so you can do a pose holding its katana with its foot, a cardbox and of course a watermelon.

about the cons:
I think it could have nice if it has also an angry face, the knee pads are fixed so if you'll bend the legs, you can't hide those balljoints behind.
I believe that's everything about the cons (perhaps I might have missed something).

If you have any question about this revoltech raiden (metal gear rising revengeance ver.) please leave a comment here and I'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks again for visiting my blog guys!


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    1. I've bought mine from Ebay.

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