Friday, October 19, 2012


this time I'm sharing some photos of my HG 1/144 gundam avalanche exia dash on my blog.
please check them out bros! 

I personally think that this model kit is worth buying because it comes with a lot of accessories.
it comes with a GN sword, 4 beam sabers and 2 GN blades (long and short) so in total those are 7 swords!

if you want you can count also as accessories the avalanche armor added on gundam exia's several body parts; then it comes also with a white stand and an open left hand.

then it's a 3 in 1 model kit, you can assemble it as a regular gundam exia (but the rubber part at the side of the shoulder armor isn't included with this kit), as avalanche exia or as avalanche exia dash.

my final thoughts about this kit:

  it isn't really very easy to pose because of its armor hindering the movements and the joints are very tight so when I'm trying to pose it I'm extremely careful so I won't break nothing, and it's a 2 in 1 model kit, you can choose between the normal avalanche exia or add the new leg armor to display it as avalanche exia dash.
if you're planning to display this model kit with the beam effect on its feet armor, I highly recommend you to get an action base 1 because it's tall enough to be able to display the AED with beam effect part on its feet in a dynamic pose.
and you can notice that I have gotten rid of the beam saber hilts on its shoulders because they're hindering the visual of the face of the gundam and the movements of the head (especially the v fins always hit the hilts). if you have any questions, just comment down below.

that's all about my HG 1/144 gundam avalanche exia dash.
thanks again in advance for visiting my blog!
and until next time!