Friday, October 12, 2012

00 gundam 7 sword/G HG 1/144 part 2

hi guys this time I'm showing off SOME action poses of my 00 gundam 7 sword/G HG 1/144 from my slideshow but you'll notice that some of them aren't included in my slideshow.
my last post about this model kit with the gn katars, beam sabers and the gn sword 2 long was just like considered by me as an "appetizer".
and it's time for some "kick-ass" poses...

and by the way, I didn't inspired or copied this color scheme to the inspection version of 00 gundam 7S/G, that time I've finished this one month before bandai annouce the inspection version, so it was just a coincidence that bandai made also a red version of it.
(I've said it, just in case if you're wondering about this fact).

I think I can adjust a little bit the posing...

hmm.. I think it's not yet good... let's try again bros...

I think it's better now posed like this.

how will it looks instead if the GN buster sword II is equipped? let's find out..

and that's all guys!

thanks a lot in advance for visiting my blog again and stay tuned for more update!!

see you soon guys!!

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