Saturday, September 29, 2012

I've got a package today: RG 1/144 JUSTICE GUNDAM

finally I've got this model kit in a reasonable price, thanks to my friend gunplanet (a gunpla retailer here in Italy) :D

but I don't still know when I'll be taking some photos of this model kit and when will I make a slideshow of this model kit because I'm kinda busy in studying but don't you worry guys, I'll do my best to work on about this model kit as soon as possible
anyway, I have some gunpla model kits to show to you guys before Justice Gundam RG 1/144.
you can see the hints also in the picture which are the next model kits.
well the most obvious is the wing gundam MG there as you can see and try to guess the other model kits ;)
(there are six in total and wing gundam MG is included among them)

and please stay tuned for more guys!

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