Saturday, September 15, 2012

1.5 GUNDAM HG 1/144

hi guys this time I'm showing you my 1.5 gundam HG 1/144 and as you can see, I've made some color variation, instead of the clear blue for the clear parts I've painted them in clear green, then for the black lining (body and legs) and "internal armor"  I've painted them with gun metal paint (tamiya), the eyes and the sensor on the head are stickers though.

for those who don't know, 1.5 gundam is the predecessor of reborns gundam

as you can see there are some parts that are new and it isn't just a recolor of reborns gundam

the new parts that are new about this model kit are the following:
the chest/body, you can notice that the orb on the chest is different now, the rear skirt armor are new also; at the back of 1.5 gundam, it has now a GN-Drive instead of a hidden head and a large booster and finally the forearms are also new the you can notice that there is a clear part/piece on the back each forearm instead of GN Drive.

for the accessories, there's the beam rifle and two beam sabers (but there's only one beam effect part) which are the same as reborn's
then there's a new big shield and "wings" as an add-on/upgrade for the backpack which can have multiple modes

I think you've also noticed that I've made a minor color variation about this model kit, like for example the clear parts on the chest and on the back of both forearms are hand-painted in clear green
then also the inside the shoulder armor is painted and those linings/stripes that you can see on its abdomen, upper leg front skirt armor are painted hand painted in gun metal color

inspired by one of freedom gundam pose

 it looks good firing its GN beam rifle even without the binders/wings so how about if we put them on the back?

it looks also great in my opinion!

then perhaps you've noticed that the sensor for the forehead of 1.5 gundam is red; it's because that bandai provides the model kit with 2 different colors for the sensors, eyes and for the sensor at the back where you can find the GN drive

I've chosen to put the red sensor sticker on the head and the blue eyes stickers for the eyes 
then red for the sensor at its back

now I'll try to pose my 1 gundam with a charging pose

not bad, then how will it looks with its the binders on its back? let's check it out then ;)

it's definitely better with the binders/wings in my opinion
and that glowing beam isn't photoshopped, the photo is taken naturally/uploaded without any modifications at all; it's all thanks to the sunlight that reflected on the beam effect part (like for example what happened on red frame astray's katanas and 00 raiser's GN sword III).

this posing is inspired by reviewing the pictures that I've taken from my 00 Qan[T] MG 1/100
as you can see, I've made the binders to become as an additional "shield" to its GN shield

but (perhaps) it's cooler if it's used like this, using it as an additional firepower to its GN beam rifle.

 this pose was inspired by the box art pose but you can notice that I've made it more dynamic because it's kinda lame for me the action pose of the box art (sorry bandai I don't mean to offend you)

 here's a "straight standing" pose for 1.5 gundam (it's not really standing on the ground haha, for me it looks cool on an action base so I've decided to take a picture of it like this )
 this is one of my fav pose for my 1 or 1.5 gundam, I've taken off the binders because it's hindering the movements of the arms so that's why it isn't equipped.

this one too, is one of my fav pose hehe XD

but this is my most fav posing for this model kit!

overall the articulations/movements is pretty much as the same as reborns gundam, minus the forearms that can't turn 360 but if you want you can use reborns forearms.
my last opinion about this model kit is definitely a must buy and I think it will looks great among your gundam model kits collection because this kit offers a lot of playability, then it's also pretty tall for being a HG 1/144, I think it's tall as unicorn gundam destroy mode HGUC 1/144
perhaps the only cons that I can give about this model kit is the lack of an open hand and an extra beam saber effect so it can use 2 beam sabers and the arms can't be bend more than 90°.

and my opinion this is a good alternative for those who don't like the Reborns gundam because of its ugly "back" (with a head). and the most notable changes that you can see between 1.5 gundam and reborns gundam is about the chest and backpack design, then the forearms are actually  new molds (the white parts) and unfortunately it isn't rotatable like reborns' 
and by the way the GN Drives which comes from reborns are also included, so you have the possibility to make a gundam with triple GN Drives if you want.

thanks again for visiting my blog and please stay tuned for more!


  1. im going to custom Exia repair II with 1.5 gundam's binder
    and replace it's arm by adding 2 more GN Drives that comes from reborn gundam's arms
    it'll become Exia repair IV with custom color and Triple GN Drives.