Monday, September 24, 2012

00 GUNDAM 7 SWORD/G HG 1/144 posings with GN sword II long, beam saber and GN katar

I'm sharing some action poses this time for my 00 gundam 7 sword/G HG 1/144 but this post will only includes posings with GN sword II, GN katar and beam saber

 (you can see more here in my previous video)

by the way, these pictures aren't included in my slideshow, so it's only exclusive on my blog
and also that I just wanted to put more action poses with the GN buster sword II and GN sword II blaster because they're my favorite swords (well the GN sword II blaster looks more a gun despite that it's called like that hehe)

anyway please stay tuned for more guys! I have more action poses to share with this model kit!


  1. nice work bro. I like so much the pose. is very dinamic!!!!!

    1. thanks a lot man! I really appreciate that and please stay tuned on my blog for more update! ^_^